Celebrating Purim safely


When we gather together on Purim, we are always reminded of our fragility.  The story of Purim takes us to the edge of our seats, as we celebrate disaster narrowly averted through the brave actions of ordinary human beings living through extraordinary times.  We dress in ridiculous costumes, we laugh and sing and eat too many sweets with the knowledge that our lives are not always so joyous, that real dangers face us in the world that we, like Esther and Mordechai, need courage to face.  This is all the more true this year, living as we are through the spread of coronavirus and the fear that illness and the unknown always bring us.  So as we celebrate this year, let us all step up in the spirit of our heroic ancestors and do all we can to keep us all safe.  Let’s wash our hands early, thoroughly, and often.  Let’s greet each other with waves, with folded hands, with hands to our hearts, and/or in any other way that conveys our love for each other without touching.  Let’s stay home if we’re sick.  Together we can balance our fear with reasonable action, take the precautions we need to take, and embrace our joy even in the midst of difficult times.  Hag sameah!