Beginning again


“…and in Your goodness, day after day, You renew creation” (Siddur Lev Shalem)
In the Torah, creation seems to be a singular act.  The world comes into being at a particular moment–God speaks and there is light, darkness, earth, water, plants, animals, and humanity.  The ancient thinkers who created the prayerbook, though, saw it differently.  For them, each day is a new moment of creation, each morning like that first morning, each moment full of the infinite possibilities that existed at the very beginning.  We awaken, see the light of the world, and, if we’re willing, open our hearts to all of the potential that is within us to recreate ourselves, our relationships, and the world around us on this brand new day.  As we read the story about the very beginning in the Torah this week, may we be inspired to see the new beginning that is in our reach, every day, as soon as we open our eyes.