Against Hate


The horrific attacks on two mosques in New Zealand is tearing at our hearts this morning, and we stand in mourning and solidarity with the families of those murdered and with our Muslim friends and Muslim communities in Philadelphia and around the world.  The hatred that drove these attacks is the same hatred that drives attacks on Jews and so many others, and we have a sacred obligation to stand with those who are being targeted and murdered because of their difference from those around them.  Their blood is our blood.  We will be sharing information about ways to show our support in coming days and weeks, but for now, let us all pray for the strength and compassion to show love in the face of hate, so that we do not allow hatred a purchase from which it can spread to destroy us all.  May God, the One who is the Source of us all, bring comfort to the bereaved and healing to all those whose lives have been shaken and shattered.  May God show us the way to peace.