Accessing Jewish prayer


In difficult times and in our daily lives, Jewish prayer practices can give us the tools to center ourselves and to concentrate our attention, even for just a few minutes each day, on what is most important.  Sometimes, though, the voluminous collection of prayers in the siddur can overwhelm us and make it seem like we can’t access prayer, whether we are trying out Jewish prayer for the first time or have sat in services for years.  People exploring conversion have asked me if there was a simpler introduction to prayer that they could use.  Not finding one, I created this video with 7 prayer practices to try, and I wanted share it with you as well.  You might try a different one of these each day, or you may want to go through all 7 (it takes about 8 minutes).  See what speaks to you and what you find useful.  May we all use the beautiful practices of Jewish tradition to deepen our spiritual lives.