A Woman’s Place is in Her Union: Labor Seder with Phila. Jewish Labor Committee


Please join us for the Philadelphia Jewish Labor Committee’s 2nd Annual Bobbi Willig Memorial Labor Seder. Within the context of a traditional Passover Seder, we will explore the role of women in the labor movement, and how robust unions are a key factor in addressing injustices such as gender and race-based wage gaps and access to paid family leave. The Seder will be led by Student Rabbi Ari Witkin.

This year we will be honoring Laura Wentz, President of the Coalition of Philadelphia Labor Union Women (CLUW.) Laura has used her organizing skills to bring people together to fight for issues for women, workers, families, and immigrants.

We will also be joined by Nicole Fuller, Executive Director of the Philadelphia Area Project on Occupational Safety and Health (PhilaPOSH). Laura and Nicole will share their perspectives and insights on women in the labor movement gained over many years of experience on the front lines of the fight for workers’ rights.

To register for the event (suggested donation $25) please email Michael Hersch at mhersch@comcast.net or call 215-668-5454.