8th Day of Pesach & Shabbat in the Charry Service: Yizkor


It is customary on the last day of each festival to recite yizkor, a prayer honoring the memory of relatives we have lost. We ask God to remember the souls of those who have died and we spend some moments in silence sitting with our own memories of loved ones. When referring to one who has died, we often follow his or her name with the phrase “zichrono/ah livracha” (may his or her memory be for blessing). Before our yizkor service, I will share a teaching exploring the meaning of this phrase. Inspired by the story of our ancestor, Jacob, and his wrestling match with a mysterious being, we will reflect on the question of how memories become blessings. As we mourn and remember, there are times when the blessings flow easily and there are times when it is a struggle to find them. Join us to take part in the blessing of community as we remember those whose lives have touched our own and as we celebrate Shabbat and the final day of Pesach together. Our service begins at 10:00 AM in the Charry Sanctuary.