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Tikkun Olam @GJC Upcoming Events

Wednesday, June 21.  Join members of POWER congregations and other allied groups around the state in Harrisburg to call on the state legislature to fulfill the promise of the POWER-supported funding formula that was adopted last summer - to run all education dollars through the state basic education funding formula.   Currently only 6% of state basic education funding goes through the formula, resulting in significant disparities in funding based on race and income. Research conducted for POWER by our own David Mosenkis showed that on average, the whitest districts get $1,900 per student more than their fair share, and the least white districts get $1,900 per student less than their fair share.  David will be one of the speakers at the rally.

Urge Senator Eichelberger, chair of the state Senate Education Committee, to hold public hearings and allow testimony from students and school leaders throughout Pennsylvania on the devastating impact of the state's inequitable funding system.    

For more information and to register, visit www.powerinterfaith.org/education-apartheid or contact Andi Moselle.

Pack and Deliver Food to Those in Need with JRA
Sunday, July 2, 8:30 AM - 1 PM.  Join GJC Mens Club at JRA's northeast Philadelphia warehouse (10980 Dutton Road, adjacent to the NE Airport).  For more information contact Jim Meyer.