Can We Listen? The Torah of Hard Conversations

Looking Back at Moments of Conflict

7:00 PM Panel Discussion in the Charry Sanctuary Our conversation will touch on topics such as the creation of the minyanim, gender and LGBTQ equality, Israel, and controversial speakers throughout GJC’s history with speakers Sam Feinberg, Judge Abraham Gafni, Joan N. Stern, Rabbi David Teutsch, Lucille Weber, and Rabbi Adam Zeff as moderator.

Panel discussion will be followed by Ma’ariv, then time for nosh in the Charry Lobby.

Current Topics of Civil Discourse

Choice of Sessions in the Maslow Auditorium and Magil Chapel
Climate Change & the Environment with Serena Levingston and Rabbi Malkah Binah Klein
Serena Levingston and Rabbi Malkah Binah will be teaching about the environment and climate change, and how it relates to Judaism. Together we will study some Jewish texts connected to the environment, and learn how to put them into action in the modern world.
Gender Identity Beyond the Binary with Jakob Slifker, Gwynn Kessler, and Rabbi Leiah Moser

Race, Power & Privilege
 with Jared Taylor, David Mosenkis, and Rabbi Shai Gluskin

Evolving Ideas of Gender & Sexuality
 with Ari Miller, Yoel Solis, and Rabbi Alanna Sklover

Jewish Values & Foreign Policy
 with Mati Zeff, Ari Witkin, and Rabbi George Stern

Beit Midrash

9:00 PM – 4:30 AM in the Quitman Library

with Rabbi Michelle Greenfield, and co-led by Hadassah Weinmartin

Beit Midrash is an open space for guided or independent learning.  Please feel free to come and go.  There will be a group studying the Torah Temimah on Ruth as well as other options.

Late Night Study Sessions – Stay tuned as we keep adding sessions!

12:00 – 4:30 AM in the Maslow Auditorium

“Pathways of Prayer: Teachings from the Netivot Shalom” 
with Ari Witkin

This session will explore the power of prayer, and the different modalities prayer can occupy as discussed by Rabbi Shalom Noach Berezovsky, the Slonimer Rebbe, in his seminal work Netivot Shalom. Together we will explore his thoughts on the power of prayer and the way we can connect to the divine through song and yearning.

“Religious Liberty vs. Freedom of Religion: Jewish Perspectives”
 with Aaron Finestone

Based on the Religious Freedom Restoration Act of 1993, some have asserted claims to “religious liberty” to create exceptions to state and federal laws.  Through litigation and legislation, they have sought exemptions from laws governing reproductive rights, labor rights, and gay rights.   How does the concept of religious liberty – as opposed to freedom of religion – challenge the Jewish community?  How should we respond?  Can the concept of religious liberty be used to advance Jewish interests? Could assertion of religious liberty help Jews who need workplace accommodation so they can observe Shabbat and holidays such as Shavuot, Pesach and Sukkot?

“Vampires, Zombies…and Kashrut” 
with Rabbi Alanna Sklover

Is it possible to be a Zombie and keep kosher? What do you do as a Vampire who is serious about halacha? Together we will delve into texts about kashrut, pikuach nefesh and other themes and consider the question of whether or how a member of the undead might live a Jewish life. Please note: this session will be text-based and utilize traditional source material, but the conclusions we may reach will not, in any way, represent mainstream understandings or interpretations of Jewish law. This session is meant in good fun and in service of learning and playing in the well-spring of Torah.

Festive Shaharit Sunrise Service & Reading of the Ten Commandments

4:30-6:00 AM with Rabbi Adam Zeff in the Maslow Auditorium