Sale of Hametz

The ritual sale of chametz must be completed by Tuesday, April 7th at 5 pm.  This online form will be used to authorize Rabbi Adam Zeff to sell your hametz. Please consider making a suggested donation of $18 to the Rabbi’s Discretionary Fund.  *If making a donation to the Rabbi’s Discretionary Fund, please write “Hametz” in the memo line. If using the online Giving Opportunities form, please select Religious, and go to the next screen where you can specify RDF. Thank you!


I, , do hereby authorize Rabbi Adam Zeff, of 400 W. Ellet Street, Philadelphia, PA, to sell, transfer and assign all hametz of whatever kind and nature that I possess, or in which I may have an interest, wheresoever situated, in my residence below or in my place of business, or in any other place, without reservation and limitation.

Sorry. This form is no longer available.