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Fri, 08/03/2018 - 3:07pm -- Rabbi

Shabbat is the "day of rest," the day of ceasing our labors and having time to relax, to refresh ourselves, and to reflect on what we've done during the week and, in a larger perspective, where we are in our lives.  The rabbis teach that labor and rest are both commandments and that they complement each other.  The week of labor allows us to put into action the high ideals and lofty sentiments that we contemplate on Shabbat, while the day of rest allows us to check in about how that went and to think deeply about challenges we faced or successes we enjoyed.  Many of us may have the opportunity to take longer times for rest during vacations this month, and if we approach them in the pattern of Shabbat, they can serve as extended periods of relaxation and reflection that re-energize us for the work ahead.  May we enjoy the blessings of both work and rest as we move through these summer months.