Kashrut Guidelines

The following policy and guidelines were established to provide a standard of synagogue practices consistent with the Conservative Movement. To best meet the needs of our diverse congregation, we have established two sets of kashrut guidelines, one for each side of our building.

School Building

(including all classrooms, offices, the Temin Canteen Room & Kitchen and the Maslow Auditorium)
Personal food (eaten only by the individual)

  • No meat, no poultry, no seafood, no shellfish
    • Even kosher meat is not permitted

Communal food (shared with others)

  • No meat, no poultry, no seafood, no shellfish
    • Even kosher meat is not permitted
  • No products with animal fat, lard, or animal shortening
    • Check ingredients OR check for kosher certification (dairy or pareve)
  • Fish must be of kosher types
    • Permitted:tuna, salmon, whitefish, lox, herring
    • Not permitted:swordfish, catfish, eel, seafood, shellfish
    • For fish not listed, ask the Rabbi
  • All fruits and all dairy and vegetarian foods are permitted
  • Both home-prepared and commercially-prepared foods that meet the above criteria are permitted

Sanctuary Building

(including the Charry Sanctuary & Lobby, the Magil Chapel & Lobby, Marcus Auditorium, and the Silver Kiddush Lounge)
All food

  • Fresh or frozen prepared food must be produced by a GJC-approved kosher caterer or bakery (list available in the GJC office)
  • Packaged food and drinks must have GJC-approved kosher certification (list available in the GJC office)
    • Kosher certification must be checked by a supervisor
  • No prepared food or ingredients from home or from non-approved restaurants or caterers


All questions about catering and kashrut at GJC should be directed to our main office at 215-844-1507, ext. 10.

Off-premises caterers

For the most current list of caterers approved for use in the building, please contact our main office. We must be informed of your choice of caterer at least two months prior to your event.


We are available to consult with any families interested in self-catering.