Infant-Toddler Program

We offer weekday morning-only and full-day options in the Infant-Toddler Program to accommodate your family’s needs throughout the day.

The Infant, Young Toddler and Older Toddler children learn through their environments and child-directed and caregiver-facilitated play.  Parents are our partners and feel the warmth with which they are welcomed every day.  Any day in the life of our younger classroom communities includes joy, admiration, responsibility, curious confusion, tenderness, silliness and love. Socialization and sensory experiences top the list of what the children learn and enjoy throughout the day. All activities, such as art, drama, group time, music, Judaica and science, contribute to the development of the whole child.

Preschool Program

The Preschool Program provides morning and full-day options for children from ages 36 months to pre-kindergarten.

Each class has a teaching team made up of a head teacher and one or two assistants, depending on the size of the group. Classrooms are set up with activity centers where children are encouraged and helped to choose from activities such as blocks, painting, puzzles, and other small manipulatives, books, art projects, dress-up imaginative play, and work on special classroom themes. Circle time provides opportunities for the whole group to meet together to sing, talk, read a story, or participate in a special group activity.

Each Early Childhood Program class meets with the music teacher for a half hour every other week for special singing and games, and with our Hebrew language specialist every week. Each class celebrates Shabbat on Friday mornings in an age-appropriate way, including songs and rituals. The Rabbi of Germantown Jewish Centre meets with the children to help celebrate Shabbat and holidays. He can often be seen in the classrooms joining in a holiday celebration with the children or sharing a story with them.