Daf Yomi: Learn a Page of Talmud

Since the early 1900s, Jews around the world have been studying one daf (page) of Talmud a day, slowly making their way through 37 tractates (volumes) over the course of approximately seven and a half years. The daily practice, known as “daf yomi” (one page, daily), is slowly becoming more accessible, through English translations, podcasts, and study groups. The 14th international daf yomi cycle begins on January 5, 2020. Rabbi Richman and her partner, Josh Davidson, are excited to begin the practice of daily study, and they welcome you into their home for a monthly “drop in” on their learning. The study will include an overview of the topics and discussions in the preceding pages, and a study of that day’s daf. Gatherings will take place at the Richman-Davidson home in West Philly on the first Monday of the month, from 6-7:30pm (up two flights of stairs). All materials (copies of the daf in the original and in translation, dictionaries, reference guides, and fancy erasable colored pencils) will be provided.

Advance registrations for Daf Yomi are closed, but we want you to come! Please email beitmidrash@germantownjewishcentre.org to sign up for tonight's session.