Women of Germantown Jewish Centre

Enriching the fabric of our community

Click here for the Women of GJC 2018-2019 Calendar!

This year’s Purim Bash was amazing! Curious to see just how much fun it was? Click here to see some fantastic photos! Thank you to Yona Dansky, David Fellner, Vilma Lieberman, and Sandy Meyer for sharing their photos. If you have additional ones to add, please feel free to do so!

Volunteering your skills, talents and time with Women of GJC offers a chance to contribute and connect. Women of GJC brings together women who represent every minyan, every age group, every interest, who share the common goal of caring for our synagogue in a unique and vital way.
Every Year Women of GJC’s Fund Raising provides:

  • $26,000 annually for GJC’s operating budget which supports our building, services and religious activities
  • $18,000 annually for the Religious School and other youth programs

In Addition:

  • Childcare on Shabbat and High Holidays
  • Readers and Challah Helpers for ECP
  • Holiday Treats and gifts for our young children and college students
  • Women’s Shabbat Scholar-in-Residence Weekend
  • Little Shop (Judaica and other gift shopping for children and adults)
  • Enriching programs
  • Building Beautiful Projects throughout the synagogue

Your participation in Women of GJC membership helps make it possible for many projects and vital programs to take place. You can also help collaborate with other women of GJC, to help fund critical projects that enhance the synagogue community.

Even if your time is limited, your talents are always welcome. Join us in attending any of our enriching programs and share your ideas and interests. Let us know if you’d like to work on a project from home or have ideas for a program or new project.

Current co-presidents are: Vilma Lieberman and Sandy Meyer

Strength Through Women’s Club

Membership dues sustain the infrastructure of GJC that directly affects you.

Annual Women’s Club dues are just $45.00.  You can pay these dues in two different ways.  If you prefer to send a check for $45.00, please see the information below.  If you would prefer to pay online, there is a small credit card processing fee.

If you prefer, send a check made out to Women’s Club of GJC to:  Women’s Club of GJC, Attn: – Rhonda Mandel (Dues), 400 W. Ellet Street, Phila., PA 19119

  • Over 90 years of age? We would like to honor you. No payment required.
  • New GJC member as of June 2018? No payment required. Complimentary WC membership for 2018-2019.

You may not currently be able to plan, organize programs or attend Women of GJC events, but know we are working for you.

Your Women of GJC membership goes a long way!

  • Are you a parent of a child in the Religious School? 
  • Your child’s tuition is being supplemented. Women of GJC raises and gives $18,000 annually to the Religious School. This is 20% of our budget and 11% of the Religious School’s operating budget.
  • Are you a parent who uses the babysitting services on Shabbat? Women of GJC pays for that service.
  • Are you a parent of a child in college, Religious School or ECP? Women of GJC helps to keep your child connected and pays for Holiday gifts and greetings.
  • Women of GJC contributes $26,000 annually to support GJC’s operating budget.This is 29% of the Women of GJC budget.
  • Where do the rest of our funds go?  Women’s Shabbat and Scholar-in-Residence, Enriching Programs, Building Beautiful and Community Support to name just a few.

Everyone is welcome to attend all of our events and programs. In addition, we encourage you to become a member of Women of GJC in order to support our contributions to the GJC community.

Questions? Please contact Peninah Berdugo.

Thank you for your support!