Sunday Workshop with Rabbi Shai Held: The God of Judaism Is A God of Love

It is one of the last acceptable prejudices in American culture: the God of the "Old Testament" is a God of vengeance, focused on strict justice rather than mercy, given to anger rather than love. This perception is as mistaken as it is widespread. In this lecture, we'll encounter a series of biblical texts that make the stunning claim that what makes God unique, what makes God God, is God's unfathomable capacity for love, mercy, and forgiveness. We'll explore the common complaint that a God of love is (too) anthropomorphic, and we'll ask whether belief in a God of love is still plausible in this day and age. Thank you for registering for this workshop with Rabbi Held on Sunday, November 4th. The workshop begins at 10:00 AM in the Maslow Auditorium. The cost of this workshop is $18--it can be paid in cash or check at the door. Scholarships available upon request
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