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Yom Ha'Atzmaut 2017: Dinner & Film!

Come celebrate Yom Ha'aztmaut with Germantown Jewish Centre! This event is sponsored by GJC Israel Programming, with many thanks to the Stern/Gafni Endowment for Israel Engagement.

Mama's Vegetarian Dinner: 6:00 PM

Cubas, burekas, sabich pita oh my!  Join us for a delicious Israeli dinner catered by Mama's Vegetarian.  Good friends, good food, good feelings - what better way to spend an evening?  $10/person (advance RSVP necessary by Friday, April 28).  Please request a dinner sponsorship if you need one, or sponsor another's dinner if you can.

FILM & DISCUSSION (THE OTHER SON, a film by Lorraine Levy): 6:30 PM

The idea of infants switched at birth, each growing up as somebody else, is an old and potent one. The possibility of such a mix-up happening in real life evokes both fascination and horror and raises stark, primal questions of identity.  Is who you are determined by the genetic fingerprints of your biological inheritance or by the influence of your environment?  These issues arise with special intensity for Joseph (Jules Sitruk), Yassin (Mehdi Dehbi) and their families, who live on opposite sides of the Israeli-Palestinian divide.  Joseph, the son of a high-ranking Israeli officer and a French-born doctor, is preparing for his own military service.  Through a routine blood test and DNA testing, his family discovers that Joseph is not their son.  An investigation conducted by the hospital reveals that, due to a bombing attack that occurred on the night he was born, Joseph and another baby born, Yacine, were taken to shelters for safety and switched by mistake.  Yacine has been reared by an Arab couple on the West Bank.  The story develops reflecting the issues of the Israeli–Palestinian.  As the boys become friends, their families have to re-evaluate their beliefs and "resistance to neighboring culture" prior to connecting with their true identity.  The boys’ fathers are quiet, solitary men, neither one quite able to deal with the revelations about their sons.  The mothers, in contrast, find ways to express their pain and confusion and also discover the capacity to love both of the children they now share.  Join us to watch this incredible film, and stay for a discussion afterwards.