Rosh ha-Shanah Family JAM

Welcome!  We are so glad you are joining us for our Rosh ha-Shanah JAM program for families and children! How do we teach children that it’s okay to make mistakes, okay to say we’re sorry, and okay to try again? The ancient rabbis taught that even before the world was made, God created t’shuvah – the path to repentance, a way to deal with our missteps, to apologize to others, and to learn how to move forward. During Rosh ha-Shanah, we look back on what we’ve done during the past year and try to see how we can chart a new course, moving past things we may regret. On Erev Rosh ha-Shanah, GJC invites you to enter a lush dreamscape where we tell the story of how the very first people figured this out. How did they learn to forgive? And how did the puppy help? Come find out!

Please join us after the program for the Rosh ha-Shanah Community Dinner! The dinner directly follows the program, and is a delicious, kid-friendly meal catered by Centre Catering (under TKS). Vegan and gluten-free dinner options will be offered.  $10/adult, $5/kids age 5+. If you would like to request a sponsorship, please email Kate Lawn with the number of adults and children attending the dinner.

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