Rosh ha-Shanah JAM (family program)

Welcome!  We are so glad you are joining us for our Rosh ha-Shanah JAM program for families and children!  The Torah teaches that in the beginning, God created two great lights to light up the world, and the ancient rabbis tell a story of how one of the lights became the sun and the other the moon.  During Rosh ha-Shanah, we celebrate the birthday of the world, but from past to present, we still struggle to appreciate the need to make space in the world for everyone to spread their light.  On erev Rosh ha-Shanah, GJC invites you to enter a lush dreamscape where a storyteller, a musician, and three actors tell the story of how the sun, the moon, and the star learned to share the sky.  How did the moon stop being jealous of the sun?  And what did the sun learn from the star?

Please join us after the program for the Rosh ha-Shanah Community Dinner! The dinner directly follows the program, and is a delicious, kid-friendly meal catered by Centre Catering (under TKS). Vegan and gluten-free dinner options will be offered.  $10/adult, $5/kids age 5+. If you would like to request a sponsorship, please email Kate Lawn with the number of adults and children attending the dinner.

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  • $10/adult
  • Dinner is no cost to children age 4 & under. $5/child age 5-12.