Lunchtime Torah

Join Rabbi Zeff each week online via Zoom for study of the Torah portion and how the ancient rabbis understood it, based on Rabbi Reuven Hammer’s A Year with the Sages. The intent is to have some brief learning about the lens that the ancients brought to Torah, how they understood it, and how that can be helpful for our own lives. All texts will be in English. “Lunchtime Torah” is structured to be accessible to both those that wish to attend on a weekly basis and those that can drop in whenever their schedule allows it. Feel free to purchase A Year with the Sages: Wisdom on the Weekly Torah Portion, but this book is not required reading for “Lunchtime Torah” sessions. The zoom link/number will be sent to all who register. Registration will be ongoing throughout the year.

Sessions begin on Wednesday, 10/23/19, and then run from Tuesday, 10/29/19 to 6/2/20 (excluding 12/24, 12/31, 4/7, and 4/14.) Sessions begin at 12 PM and end at 12:30 PM.