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Judicial Ambassadors: Questions & RSVP

Thank you for joining us!

On Saturday, June 9, at 1:15 pm, Common Pleas Court judges from the Judicial Ambassadors Program will be with us to describe what the courts are doing to make the legal process more accessible and understandable to all of our population.  The three judges – Judge Ramy Djerassi (a GJC member), Judge Gwendolyn Bright, and Judge Karen Shreeves-Johns – will discuss the many outreach efforts and other court programs that have been developed and are in the process of taking shape to address problems of justice and equity in Philadelphia.  The Ambassadors are happy to answer questions, which are being collected in advance so we can make the most of the judges’ time.  HAZAK co-chair Helen Feinberg will moderate the questions.  When you RSVP, please include any questions you have.