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Rosh ha-Shanah JAM (Family & Kids' Program)

Registrations for the dinner are now closed.  Please RSVP for the program!  We welcome you!

Welcome!  We are so glad you are joining us for our Rosh ha-Shanah JAM program for families and children!

The ancient rabbis taught that the earth was created with a wide diversity of creatures by design, each with special abilities to contribute to the world. During Rosh ha-Shanah, we celebrate the birthday of the world, but from past to present, we still struggle to appreciate the beauty of that diversity and the special qualities that each of us bring to creation. On erev Rosh ha-Shanah, GJC invites you to enter a lush dreamscape where life-size puppets tell the story of how the first animals grew to appreciate their differences. How did the fish learn to value the bird? And what did the snake learn from them both? Join us in the Garden of Eden!

GJC is holding a Rosh ha-Shanah Community Dinner (catered by Centre Catering under Traditional Kosher Supervision) directly following the program. Advance registration is encouraged for the program, and is necessary for the Rosh ha-Shanah Community Dinner (by 9/15). $8/adult, $4/child (age 2+). Sponsorships are available upon request.

Family Information

Please be sure to put the name(s) & age(s) of the child(ren) attending. Thank you!
Children 2 & under are free!