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The Connection.

A new way of looking at lifelong learning...

Why is *this* Adult Education Institute different from every other Adult Education institute?  Because at GJC, it’s all about The Connection. Whether you are looking for a “Sacred Spark” to kindle your curiosity or are interested in taking a “Deeper Dive” into the wellspring of Jewish tradition, there is something for you!  Within these pages, we are proud to announce a wide range of workshops, courses, and immersive experiences that present opportunities for engagement with Jewish text, creative expression, history and culture in a way that is relevant to our lives in the 21st century. This year, may we grow both as individuals and as a community through our learning, through our journeys and through our connection to one another.

    ~ Rabbi Alanna Sklover, Director of Lifelong Learning


Read full descriptions for the following (and many, many more!):

  • Introduction to Midrash (begins Oct. 26)

  • From the Creation of Humanity to Black Lives Matter: Jews, Race, and the Fight for Racial Justice (begins Dec. 4)

  • Exploring the Impact of Christian Hegemony on U.S. Culture (begins Feb. 7)

  • Mind and Deed in Rabbinic Texts (begins March 1)

  • Urban Environmental [In-]Justice: Bicycling, Vegetable-Eating, and Enabling our Activism (May 7 & June 4)

​Stay tuned for biographies of our incredible teachers...

Please register and pay in advance of the first day of class.