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Why is *this* Adult Education Institute different from every other Adult Education institute?  Because at GJC, it’s all about The Connection. Whether you are looking for a “Sacred Spark” to kindle your curiosity or are interested in taking a “Deeper Dive” into the wellspring of Jewish tradition, there is something for you!  Within these pages, we are proud to announce a wide range of workshops, courses, and immersive experiences that present opportunities for engagement with Jewish text, creative expression, history and culture in a way that is relevant to our lives in the 21st century. This year, may we grow both as individuals and as a community through our learning, through our journeys and through our connection to one another.

    ~ Rabbi Alanna Sklover, Director of Lifelong Learning



When did a "Jewish community" emerge in Philadelphia?  Are we still part of a community?  Come explore key periods and expressions of Jewish life in Philly, from the early history of its Jewry to how Philly became a center of moderate traditional Judaism. We will start before WWI, looking at mass immigration, then discuss "Americanization," neighborhood life, the rise of Conservative/Reform Judaism, new roles for women, and responses to the rise of Nazism.  We will end with a modern look at Philly Jews, changes in neighborhoods, religious life, and concerns with Israel and Soviet Jewry. The class is comprised of four interactive class sessions and two field trips.  Register for the entire six sessions ($120/GJC member, $135/non-member), or come on the field trips (each $20/GJC member, $35/non-member)! 
Class Sessions:  Tuesdays, May 9, 16, 23 & June 4 from 7:00-9:00 PM
Field Trips:  Sunday, May 21 at 10:30am:  Bnai Abraham
Tuesday, May 30 at 10:30am:  Frank Memorial Synagogue

Rabbi Robert Tabak, PhD, wrote his dissertation (Temple University) on Philadelphia Jews between 1919-1945.  He has lectured and written on Philadelphia Jewish history, and revised the article on Philadelphia for the 2007 second edition of the Encyclopaedia Judaica.  He is a graduate of the Reconstructionist Rabbinical College, has served as a hospital chaplain at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania, and taught at St. Joseph's University and Cabrini University.  He is a member of Minyan Dorshei Derekh.


The Trump Presidency: A Journalist and Historian Reflect
Sunday, May 21 at 9:45 AM in the Maslow Auditorium

with Shai Ben-Yaacov (Producer, Newsworks Tonight, WHYY) & Dr. Lawrence Charap (Senior Director, Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment at The College Board)
This is a NONPARTISAN event, with the title as a jumping off point for reflections on the American Presidency as an institution, present and past, not a platform for political commentary. Refreshments will be provided.