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Family Education

Family Shabbaton 2011 

(Fun for young kids...and their families!)



Musical Marching Minyan -- 10:00am: The Musical Marching Minyan is a high-spirited, action-packed monthly musical prayer service for kids old enough to walk (or be carried by a willing adult!). Meets approximately once per month during the school year.  Percussion 

 Ginat Shabbat — 11:00am: Each Shabbat morning during the school year, we offer this program highlighted by a puppet show. The service includes age-appropriate prayers, songs, stories, and activities for children 0–5 and their parents, using a prayer book created by one of our members. Learn about Shabbat, the stories of the Torah, and the holidays of the year in a gentle, loving, and joyous environment. Enjoy grape juice and challah for Kiddush.

As your child grows, he/she can take part in other Shabbat Morning Children's Services: Minyan Oranim (Grades 1–2) Junior Congregation (Grades 3–7)

Tot Havdalah 1Tot Shabbat & Holidays — 6:00 pm:  Throughout the year we celebrate Shabbat or Havdallah or another holiday with a 30-minute program geared toward toddlers and preschoolers and their families. The program includes prayers, songs, and puppet stories followed at 6:30 pm by a simple, family-friendly, catered dinner (advance registration necessary).  NEW in 2014-15 is our JAM (Jewish Arts & Movement) programming. More details can be found above.

Thanks so much for a wonderful Tot Havdalah event! Please thank all the folks that made it possible. For me personally it worked out great because I'm more energized and able to socialize after a whole Shabbat of rest. The girls loved the havdalah candles and I thought the food was great.- Esther Wiesner, Parent   


High Holidays — Ginat Hag — 11:00 am: On Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur, we offer special programming for kids and their families. Like our weekly Ginat Shabbat program, this popular service includes age-appropriate prayers, songs, puppet stories and activities for children 0–5 and their families. In addition, child care is available (with advance registration) during our adult High Holiday Services. As your child grows, he/she can take part in other High Holiday Programs geared for older children.

GJC Celebrates! PurimGJC Celebrates!: GJC Celebrates! programs, held throughout the year, allow families to celebrate Jewish festivals with age-appropriate activities and traditional foods. Whether it's waving a lulav on Sukkot, marching with Torah scrolls on Simchat Torah, eating latkes and lighting the outdoor Hanukiyah on Hanukah, or dressing up and shaking groggers on Purim, our GJC Celebrates! programs bring together congregants of all ages on these joyous occasions.

Parent Workshops

We offer workshops for parents throughout the year covering such topics as how to engage young children in the Pesach seder and how to incorporate ritual moments into your family's everyday life. These workshops, led by our rabbi, are typically held on Sunday mornings, and child care is available (advance registration necessary).

Rabbinic Support

Our rabbi is always available to help your family move through life transitions, whether welcoming new children and celebrating birthdays or coping with illness and loss in your immediate or extended family.

Play Space

Our beautiful and well equipped playground is available for our congregants to enjoy throughout the year and has become the focal point of the "playground minyan," a warm and welcoming group of young families who spend time there during Shabbat services on temperate Saturday mornings. We are currently renovating our Quitman Library to create a haven for children and their parents in the cooler months, with soft seating and Jewish children's books available for family reading.